About SER Corporation Kansas

For over 48 years SER Corporation of Kansas, a private, non-profit organization, has been providing Kansas Employment and Training Services. SER of Kansas originated as Wichita SER Jobs for Progress, Inc. in March 1974 and addressed the needs of Hispanics with regards to unemployment and lack of job opportunities in the Wichita community. Through the persistent efforts of the SER Board of Directors, lead by first elected Chairman German Reyes, SER was granted an initial seed grant of $25,000 from the United States Department of Labor. In March 1974, Richard Lopez was hired as the Executive Director, and continues to oversee SER as its Chief Executive Officer.

Since 1974, Contracts between SER and various local, state and federal government agencies have totaled over 40 million dollars.

In 1982, Wichita SER-Jobs for Progress reincorporated as SER Corporation of Kansas. SER stands for Service, Education and Re-training, which more accurately reflects SER as a contractor/grantee of Kansas employment and training services throughout the state. This new name implies a regional contractor versus a local one, and has enabled the Corporation to acquire a broader funding base for continued growth.

Having completed over 4 decades of successful operation, SER is justifiably proud of its outstanding record of service to the community and state. Throughout the years the performance of SER has consistently exceeded national levels and has earned SER state-wide recognition.